Board Game Gumbo Live!

Episode 116: Molly & Shawn from Flatout Games

August 20, 2020

Board Game Gumbo Live! welcomes in Molly & Shawn, two of the owners of Flatout Games for a lively chat about their start in hobby gaming, their influences, and why they publish their own line of games. 

Then, there is some talk about spicy hot games they have played recently: 

  • Degrees in Darkness coming soon from Weird Giraffe Games; and
  • Adventure Mart from Hub Games

BJ chats with Shawn and Molly with plenty of questions from the Chat Krewe about CASCADIA and CALICO! Cascadia is designed by Randy Flynn and out on Kickstarter next month, and Calico is designed by Kevin Russ and being reprinted by AEG.  Beth Sobel provided amazing art for both! 

Finally, Verla, Steve & BJ challenge Molly & Shawn in the ENVIE Game. It may be the first time that two guests had the same game in mind! There was a lot of chatter from the Chat Krewe, including questions from Beth Sobel, a surprise guest in the chat! 

Laissez les bon temps rouler!

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