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Episode 119: Daryl Chow & Josh Cappel

September 17, 2020

The Krewe of Board Game Gumbo chats with Daryl Chow (from Origame) and Josh Cappel (from Burnt Island Games) during their big Kickstarter for In Too Deep. BJ digs the theme: players will "hack" into the minds of cyber enhanced criminals and try to bring down The Syndicate. But if they get too corrupted -- "in too deep" -- they risk losing it all. It is out on Kickstarter from Burnt Island Games.

They also chat about some of the recent hot games Daryl and BJ have played:

Finally, the Name Father is back and only 22% distracted by the Islanders deep run into the playoffs. Steve is focused tonight on The Envie Game -- Daryl & Josh have picked one game together that they have the envie to play. Had Steve and BJ done their usual homework, instead of worrying about hockey and hurricanes, they might have picked this one up pretty easily, but instead, there is a shocking twist ending! 

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