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Episode 123: Matt Riddle of Motor City Gameworks

October 15, 2020

Matt Riddle, designer of Fleet & Wasteland Express Delivery Service, joined BJ & the Krewe to chat spicy hot games plus news about his new publishing company with co-designer, Ben Pinchback, called Motor City Gameworks.

Matt gave us some news about his upcoming Kickstarter project for Three Sisters, a roll and write with art from Beth Sobel that will definitely appeal to fans of Fleet: The Dice Game.

Next up, they talked about spicy hot games they have all played, including:

Then stick around for another exciting Gumbo Live! board game, a new one we call "Board Game Bataille" with special guest Dan Patriss from the Geek All Stars. With Dan and Matt on the show, you could smell the hate drafting in the roux from here! 

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