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Episode 126: Dan Letzring of Letiman Games

November 5, 2020

BJ and Steve chatted up Dan Letzring of Letiman Games, all about news of his three upcoming projects: 

  • Adventure Tactics: Domiane's Tower (hitting retail soon);
  • Questlings story books and family RPG (on Kickstarter this month); and
  • Squire For Hire with a new expansion!

They also discussed recent spicy hot games played including:

  • Meeple Land from Blue Orange Games; and
  • Beyond the Sun from Rio Grande Games.

We had a surprise guest, Spencer Williams from The Lighten Up Initiative and Board Games Are Fun Podcast join everyone for the ENVIE Game. Can the chat krewe continue their winning streak even with the ringer that BJ and Steve have brought in?  Probably, but there's some controversy! 

Next week:  Aaron Wilson & Ian Zang from GRAVITATION GAMES! 

Thanks for listening!  

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