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Episode 131: Grant Lyon comedian and game designer of Curmudgeon

December 17, 2020

Comedian and Game Designer Grant Lyon joins Gumbo Live! to talk about Curmudgeon, a new party game from 25th Century Games! BJ and Verla chat with Grant about life as a comedian, his influences and favorite shows, and some of the spicy hot games they have played recently:

  • Jurassic Parts
  • Cindr
  • MonsDRAWsity, and 
  • Christmas Lights 

Then they turn to Curmudgeon, and found out the backstory about how the game came to be plus the joy that Grant gets when people play the game.

Finally, it's the return of JUST ONE -- Grant's first time playing! The Chat Krewe competes for a copy of Christmas Lights. Who can mind meld with Grant, Steve, Verla and BJ?

Thanks for listening!

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